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Bank Access Set Up

How to Set Up “View Only” Bank Account Access for Your Accountant

Here, we will summarize how to provide "view only" access to your bank account information.

Note: This is just a reference guide and there may be differences with what you get on the bank's website.


Follow these steps as a guide to create a user for your accounting team:

(remember that the user access setting must be view only)


Scroll down to select the financial institution(s) you want to set up access for:

American Express

To set up a secondary user to view your American Express business account, you need to set up the account with Amex’s Account Manager feature. This option allows your accounting team to have “Limited Access” to your bank records.


You can modify your user privileges by going to My Account > User Administration and click on “View/Modify” to create view only bank account access.


You will then be directed to a view where you can change these settings.


Bank of America

You will need to upgrade your account to include Account Management, if you don’t have it already.

With Account Management, you can create individual account access levels and allow your accountant to view and manage accounts for your different businesses.


Tip: Bank of America’s Account Management also allows you to integrate Quickbooks into your account.


How to Add a User to your Online Business Suite

  1. Go to

  2. Select the Small Business tab

  3. Select Account Permissions 

  4. Select Add new user

  5. Enter the new user’s details then select OK

  6. On the left-hand side select Account & Services (or, select the Continue to Accounts & Services button)

  7. Select which services the user will have access to.


Managing Users:

You can add additional users to your Online Banking profile and provide each with a separate Online ID and passcode.

You may designate the user level either as “user” (also sometimes referred to as sub-user) or “Administrator.”

An Administrator is a user who is able to create additional users and to edit and monitor other users. An Administrator is not eligible to enroll in other online business services or grant levels of access to other users that have not been granted to the Administrator.

For each user, you can designate which account(s) the user will have access to. You may also place limits on the types of transactions for each account the user is granted access to.

For each account linked to your Online Banking profile, you can designate each user’s access level and account settings.


User Access Levels

Access Levels (also sometimes referred to as Activity Levels) are either Transactional Access, View Access, or No Access.

Users have Transactional Access unless otherwise specified by you or an Administrator. A user with Transactional Access (also sometimes referred to as financial access or full access) will be allowed to transfer funds, make payments, perform account maintenance, and view account balances and activity on the account, subject to the selected account or general service settings.


View Access (also sometimes referred to as inquiry access or basic access) allows a user to only view account balances and activity, subject to the selected account or general service settings.


Account settings are levels of access and transactional limits that you and/or an Administrator may select for each user. In addition to specifying access level, you can also specify account settings, including transaction limitations. You can also designate certain “general service settings,” which are global settings that may affect more than one account. These include Full Access Bill Pay, Payroll Services, Direct Payments, and Express Invoicing.



You will need to enroll in BB&T’s Small Business Online program in order to set up view-only bank account access.

To enroll in the program, open the business services menu, and click "Multiple User Access." 

Capital One

You will need to utilize their Treasury Management service to set up access to your account(s).

Through the Treasury Management service, you can set up access/authorized users.

Chase Bank

1. Log into account and select Account management


2. Select "Authorized Users"

3. Get activation code


4. Enter User Credentials: (User credentials = Deborah Corr,, 951-331-3060)


5. Select the user rights (yes to third-party app access & check the boxes for check images and statements & documents

6.  Select all accounts you want us to have access to (usually just business checking/savings & credit card accounts)


7. Select "Next" review the access granted and then click "Submit"

  • Sign in to your account and choose “Account Management”

  • Select “Access & Security Manager” from the drop-down menu

  • Select the option to add an authorized user by selecting “Add New User”

  • Complete the prompts

  • Choose the accounts a new user can access. Assign their level of access by choosing “Assign access”



Log into your business PayPal account and then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to “Account Access”

  • Select “Update” under the section “Manage Users”

  • Choose “Add User”

  • Input the user’s information and choose only the privileges you want the user to have. Click “Save”


PNC Bank

You can use PNC Bank’s Cash Flow Insight functionality to set up accountant access to your accounts.

This feature allows you to create an account for your accounting team and provide them with the appropriate permissions to view your financial transactions.

US Bank

U.S. Bank allows you to share customized access for business accounts using the “Shared Access” feature.

You can select “View Only.” This will allow your accountant to view transactions, balances, and other details on selected accounts.

U.S. Bank provides detailed history reports that allow you to keep tabs on Shared Access users as the Shared Access administrator. To activate this feature:

  • Login to U.S. Bank online using your business user ID

  • Find the “I’d Like To” menu located on the left side of the page and choose Managed Shared Access

  • Or you can click “Customer Service” and then select Shared Access

Wells Fargo

1. Go to the Welcome dropdown and select “Manage Access”


2. Select “Use Account Access Manager”


3. Select “ Guest Users”

4. Select “ Add new user”


  • Fill in required information and select accounts you are giving access to:

Here is the guest user information to fill in:

  • Deborah Corr


  • *You will select the user name and password

  • Then scroll down to select the accounts

  • Access level should be “view only”

  • The click on “submit”


FirstCorr Financial Services utilizes cutting edge security in order to safeguard your information and to maintain the integrity of your data.


 Contact us if you need assistance with this or if you have any questions.

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